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Unique Gifts For All Occasions

Hello, My name is Gali Pushkin and I am a Graphic Designer and Artist from Israel. I am happy to welcome you to my site.
Here you will find a variety of products enhanced with my original graphics. Some of them are funny and humorous cartoon images, others are decorative and nostalgic.

Available products include: T-shirts and other clothing for children and adults; mugs and steins; mouse pads; bibs; tot bags; wall clocks; tile boxes; stationery and much more!

You are invited to create unique and personalized greeting cards & invitations or maybe you would like to create a unique gift for birthdays, graduation, anniversaries, a new baby or a wedding shower. Just choose an image from my large on-line clip art collection.
I will gladly personalize them for you with a name for free!

You can also customize any piece of clip art or order a custom cartoon drawn to your needs.
A wonderful, unique gift for your Mom or best friend is a digital portrait, photo-montage or caricature. Well, now you can simply purchase one as a .jpeg/.gif file, as an art print, or printed on to a product from my selection.
Simply discuss your request by email prior to ordering.
I’m sure you will find a unique gift to your taste for all occasions and for everyone you love.

! The gifts featured below are just a sample from the large variety of products that you can find at my on-line store. Just click on an image and you will be taken to the relevant page.
Pillow Christmas Mess
 Mousepad Baby New Year 2007
Christmas beautiful box
New Year 2007 t-shirt - year of the fire pig according to Chinese calendar
Christmas t-shirt for children. Santa Claus riding toy Rudolph
Funny Christmas sweatshirt for child
You will find here perfect gifts for Christmas and New Year 2007- year of the Pig according to the Chinese Zodiac calendar. Check out all Christmas ideas and don’t forget to personalize your gift with a name – for free! If you have your own idea in your head – I can also draw a special customized image for you and input it onto any product.
Cap for best friend - One of a kind
Christmas gift for unique mom
Unusual gift for unique dad
Personalized picture mugs and steins - gifts for grandprents
Black t-shirt - piggy Christmas gift for co-workers, team, colegues
Unique romantic christmas gift
You will also find unique and funny Christmas gifts for everyone special to you – your best friend, Mom, Dad, grandmother and grandfather, for your co-workers, girl- or boyfriend, for children and even for a new born baby. Congratulate your Mothers, Fathers and Grandparents with a nice original present. I have t-shirts, mugs, wall clocks and other products, which would make a cool gift for your girlfriend or boyfriend, colleague, or even for your favorite teacher or boss. And don’t forget to personalize them with a name for free! Just choose a product and contact me
Best friend birthday gift ideas
Humorous funny t-shirts, with I love Disco cartoon image, girlfriend gifts
Humorous funny t-shirts, girlfriend gifts
Unique humorous gifts for unusual persons
Best friend birthday gift ideas. Gifts for pets lovers
You will find plenty of humorous funny t-shirts and other original gifts for all kinds of people. For music fans and funky dancers. For pet lovers. For those who love, or hate sports. For techies and geeks, and for all kinds of others. If you would like to give a present to someone not mentioned here, just let me know and I’ll design a special product just for you.
Unique gifts from Holyland. Batik
Unique handmade jewish gifts. Batik
Artwork greeting cards
Unique personalized childrens and adults gifts
Perfect gifts for mothers day
In this section you can browse the original art prints. If you are interested in purchasing handmade paintings on silk (batik), you are welcome select from my on-line gallery and and then email me for further details. You will also find beautiful gifts, directly from Israel, on Jewish and Christian themes.
Why not surprise your friends and relatives with unique personalized gifts?

Browse the sample works here, then feel free to contact me to discuss your order.
funny greeting cards, invitations and favors for wedding, graduation and Bar Mitzvah parties
You may also email me to order funny custom greeting cards, invitations and favors for wedding, graduation and Bar Mitzvah parties.

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