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Hello, My name is Gali Pushkin and I am a Graphic Designer and Artist from Israel. I am happy to welcome you to my site.
Here you will find a variety of products enhanced with my original graphics. Some of them are funny and humorous cartoon images, others are decorative and nostalgic.

Available products include: T-shirts and other clothing for children and adults; mugs and steins; mouse pads; bibs; tot bags; wall clocks; tile boxes; stationery and much more!

You are invited to create unique and personalized greeting cards & invitations or maybe you would like to create a unique gift for birthdays, graduation, anniversaries, a new baby or a wedding shower. Just choose an image from my large on-line clip art collection.
I will gladly personalize them for you with a name for free!

You can also customize any piece of clip art or order a custom cartoon drawn to your needs.
A wonderful, unique gift for your Mom or best friend is a digital portrait, photo-montage or caricature. Well, now you can simply purchase one as a .jpeg/.gif file, as an art print, or printed on to a product from my selection.
Simply discuss your request by email prior to ordering.
I’m sure you will find a unique gift to your taste for all occasions and for everyone you love.

! The gifts featured below are just a sample from the large variety of products that you can find at my on-line store. Just click on an image and you will be taken to the relevant page.
Pillow Christmas Mess
 Mousepad Baby New Year 2007
Christmas beautiful box
New Year 2007 t-shirt - year of the fire pig according to Chinese calendar
Christmas t-shirt for children. Santa Claus riding toy Rudolph
Funny Christmas sweatshirt for child
You will find here perfect gifts for Christmas and New Year 2007- year of the Pig according to the Chinese Zodiac calendar. Check out all Christmas ideas and don’t forget to personalize your gift with a name – for free! If you have your own idea in your head – I can also draw a special customized image for you and input it onto any product.
Cap for best friend - One of a kind
Christmas gift for unique mom
Unusual gift for unique dad
Personalized picture mugs and steins - gifts for grandprents
Black t-shirt - piggy Christmas gift for co-workers, team, colegues
Unique romantic christmas gift
You will also find unique and funny Christmas gifts for everyone special to you – your best friend, Mom, Dad, grandmother and grandfather, for your co-workers, girl- or boyfriend, for children and even for a new born baby. Congratulate your Mothers, Fathers and Grandparents with a nice original present. I have t-shirts, mugs, wall clocks and other products, which would make a cool gift for your girlfriend or boyfriend, colleague, or even for your favorite teacher or boss. And don’t forget to personalize them with a name for free! Just choose a product and contact me
Best friend birthday gift ideas
Humorous funny t-shirts, with I love Disco cartoon image, girlfriend gifts
Humorous funny t-shirts, girlfriend gifts
Unique humorous gifts for unusual persons
Best friend birthday gift ideas. Gifts for pets lovers
You will find plenty of humorous funny t-shirts and other original gifts for all kinds of people. For music fans and funky dancers. For pet lovers. For those who love, or hate sports. For techies and geeks, and for all kinds of others. If you would like to give a present to someone not mentioned here, just let me know and I’ll design a special product just for you.
Unique gifts from Holyland. Batik
Unique handmade jewish gifts. Batik
Artwork greeting cards
Unique personalized childrens and adults gifts
Perfect gifts for mothers day
In this section you can browse the original art prints. If you are interested in purchasing handmade paintings on silk (batik), you are welcome select from my on-line gallery and and then email me for further details. You will also find beautiful gifts, directly from Israel, on Jewish and Christian themes.
Why not surprise your friends and relatives with unique personalized gifts?

Browse the sample works here, then feel free to contact me to discuss your order.
funny greeting cards, invitations and favors for wedding, graduation and Bar Mitzvah parties
You may also email me to order funny custom greeting cards, invitations and favors for wedding, graduation and Bar Mitzvah parties.

According to a fresh study published this month in Obstetrics & Gynecology.

If even a couple of of the main element elements could possibly be identified, that could make a siginificant difference in saving infants’ lives.’ Related StoriesStudy: Biomarkers in maternal bloodstream may predict risk for adverse outcomes in women that are pregnant with SLEEKF Diagnostics to demonstrate Maternal and Women's Health products in XXI FIGO Globe CongressNatera's total revenues lower 2.9 percent to $44.9 million in third quarter 2015’Period of Birth and the chance of Neonatal Loss of life,’ by Jeffrey B. Gould, M.D., M. P.H., of the Division of Developmental and Neonatal Medicine, Stanford University, Palo Alto, California, and colleagues, in the August problem of Obstetrics & Gynecology appears. Continue reading

CBO: Deficit estimate for 2012 risen to $1.

The Associated Press: CBO: Deficit Estimate For 2012 Hiked To $1.2T While the short-term deficit mess is largely a product of the latest recession and gradual recovery, the long-term crisis is because the impact baby boomers will have on federal retirement programs and the huge projected increases in healthcare inflation. The budget workplace estimated somewhat lower costs for covering the uninsured under President Barack Obama’s healthcare overhaul law, as well as fewer people gaining coverage slightly. Assuming the Supreme Courtroom will not overturn the statutory legislation, it would decrease the true number of uninsured by 30 million in 2016, or 2 million fewer people than estimated last year. Total costs from 2012-2021 are about $50 billion lower than estimated last year. That’s due to a combined mix of factors, including general health care costs rising more slowly than recently . Continue reading

Between four and five million people worldwide can be infected within the next year is cialis covered by insurance.

Bill Gates stated that despite growing usage of antiretroviral medications in countries hard-strike by HIV/AIDS, between four and five million people worldwide can be infected within the next year. We need to execute a far better job of avoidance, said Gates, whose basis simply donated $500 million US to the Global Fund to Combat AIDS, Malaria and Tuberculosis. We’ll never have the ability to offer with the amounts of people that would need to continue treatment if we don’t make a dramatic breakthrough in prevention is cialis covered by insurance . Continue reading

Located in the USA Currently.

Australian scientist awarded $1 million by Pfizer Australia to build up gene therapies for muscle-related diseases An Australian scientist has been awarded a $1 million analysis grant to build up innovative gene therapy equipment for muscle-related illnesses . Dr Paul Gregorevic is definitely developing novel ways of gene therapy in mouse types of muscle-related disease such as for example Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy. Located in the USA Currently, Dr Gregorevic will go back to Australia to keep his analysis at the Baker Center Analysis Institute in Melbourne to recognize the key cellular procedures underlying the advancement of specific muscular illnesses. I am hoping that my study will result in a better knowledge of how muscle illnesses develop and therefore help to develop fresh and effective treatments. Continue reading

According to a report released in Oncogene yesterday simply by Philippe Roux.

A signaling pathway is usually a chemical substance chain reaction that triggers the cells inside our bodies to do something in a particular way. In this scholarly research, Roux and his group discovered that a proteins in the Ras/MAPK pathway, RSK, plays a part in chemoresistance by altering the response of malignancy cells to chemotherapeutic brokers. This is actually the second Oncogene publication for Philippe Roux this full year. In a paper released in July, Roux and his co-workers, IRIC Principal Investigators Katherine Sylvain and Borden Meloche, demonstrated that the same proteins involved in chemoresistance plays a part in melanoma development, making the proteins RSK a promising therapeutic focus on for treating the condition.. Blocking RSK proteins activity can improve treatment of pores and skin cancers Blocking the actions of a specific protein inside our skin could enhance the treatment of pores and skin cancers, according to a report released in Oncogene yesterday simply by Philippe Roux, a researcher in the University of Montreal's Institute for Study in Immunology and Malignancy . Continue reading

The Treasury Plank of Canada recently informed its managers that.

The Treasury Plank of Canada recently informed its managers that, except in very limited circumstances, medical certificates wouldn’t normally be needed from employees who have H1N1 symptoms or have been infected by the virus. ‘Canada’s doctors thank the government for their leadership in this region and we ask all businesses to ease their sick be aware requirements as well,’ said Dr. Doig. ‘In this pandemic, doctors desire to spend their time coping with patients and not paperwork. Asking visitors to provide unwell notes for H1N1 escalates the risk that others are certain to get infected.’ Employers have a duty to supply a safe workplace. In a pandemic, which means that employers ought to be doing everything they are able to to encourage anyone with flu-like symptoms to remain in the home. Continue reading

000 ladies in the U diet pills reviews.

Binge drinking during pregnancy can result in fetal alcohol syndrome Recent data demonstrates a lot more than 500,000 ladies in the U diet pills reviews .S. Record drinking during being pregnant, with about 20 % of the populace admitting to binge drinking. Even one bout of heavy drinking can result in the assortment of birth defects referred to as fetal alcoholic beverages syndrome . Along with growth retardation, face and head abnormalities, and neurological complications, FAS also causes heart disease in over half of these with this problem just. Though much study has centered on looking for the reason for these alcohol-induced center defects, they remain a mystery largely. Continue reading

And Optasia Medical Ltd.

During the scan review in BoneStation, a physician can incorporate a patient’s bone fracture risk factors into the patient’s overall evaluation and report. With brand-new data sharing features, BoneStation and SpineAnalyzer provide physicians with enhanced capacity to measure and report on vertebral spine deformities. After an operator creates a 6-point morphometry evaluation with SpineAnalyzer, it really is displayed in the BoneStation user interface and built-into BoneStation’s comprehensive osteoporosis evaluation reports.. Continue reading

Beyond medical law enrollment numbers.

Beyond medical law enrollment numbers, state-by-state disparities, penalties pull headlines The Wall Road Journal reports that federal officials have sent a ‘nudging’ email to consumers who haven't picked an idea yet. And the brand new York Times examines the way the push to broaden coverage of health has taken the form of several completely different and uneven specific efforts rather than ‘a sweeping federal government overhaul . The Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Support delivered a nudging email Wednesday to users of Health who have requested coverage but haven't yet picked an idea. The message: Hurry up . THE BRAND NEW York Situations: Deadline Near, Wellness Signups Present Disparity The disparities reveal a stark truth about the Inexpensive Care Work: With the first open up enrollment period arranged to get rid of Monday, six months following its troubled on the web exchanges opened up for business, this program well known as Obamacare appears less such as a sweeping federal government overhaul than a assortment of specific ventures playing out unevenly, state to convey, in the laboratories of democracy . Latinos specifically are sorely had a need to balance insurance pools. They have a tendency to be youthful and healthier compared to the general populace. But says with the largest focus of Latinos – – like California – – have already been struggling to earn them over. ‘The news headlines gives a large amount of details, [but] it confuses people. They don't know very well what may be the truth,’ says Larissa Bobadilla, a wellness outreach worker in LA. Many Latinos are frightened that if they join health insurance, their undocumented family will get discovered, and deported. Others aren't convinced it's well worth the amount of money . Related StoriesUsing integrated molecular pathology to control incidental pancreatic cysts: an interview with Dr Ananya DasHealthcare technology cultural event of the entire year opens entriesDiabetic retinopathy therapy improvements: an interview with Richard Kirk, CEO of Polyphotonix NPR: Obamacare's National Enrollment Looks Okay, But Claims Matter More With this 12 months's deadline to join up for individual medical health insurance only a weekend away, much attention has been lavished on two figures -; the 6 million People in america who’ve signed up up to now, and the %age of these individuals who are young. But specialists say the national quantities in fact don't mean quite definitely . St. Louis Post Dispatch: Insurance Deadline Expansion PROVIDES RELIEF, Frustration For weeks, the National government insisted the ultimate deadline for people to join up for insurance on medical exchanges wouldn't be extended. This content was reprinted from with permission from the Henry J. Kaiser Family members Foundation. Kaiser Health Information, an unbiased news service editorially, is an application of the Kaiser Family members Foundation, a nonpartisan healthcare policy research company unaffiliated with Kaiser Permanente. . Continue reading

Alcohol is the most widely used substance by teenagers with the exception of tobacco.

Adolescents are less likely to drink and take part in binge drinking if parents actively disapprove and the survey says improved parental monitoring may be the most effective strategy to minimise the chance of adolescents finding yourself drinking at risky levels once they begin to experiment. The authors say drug make use of impacts on everyone in a grouped family members and alcohol, drug and other providers are needed to alleviate significant tension and reduce other problems in the community. There is currently good evidence to show that a family based method of treating a young person with substance misuse issues could be effective. The brand new report found that: – The majority of treatment providers in Australia do not currently give a direct program for families who’ve a person with alcoholic beverages or drugs complications. Continue reading

Best Dental Treatment Deland dentist Dr.

Best Dental Treatment Deland dentist Dr. Rajiv Patel offers been practicing dentistry for more than 27 years now successfully side effects . This Deland dental practitioner has treated a large number of patients through the years. He’s known for his caring and delicate treatment. He personally checks every procedure so far as possible. The clinic is popular among individuals. They come for do it again treatment as the relationship of trust constructed between them and the Deland dental professional is precious. Continue reading

Completing keeping systems in multiple hospitals.

THE BUSINESS has determined seven regionally particular US firms which will provide as much as 60 product sales representatives to market, sell and program the MicroThermX products throughout the USA. Early training of a few of these specialty distributors happens to be under way. BSD anticipates finalizing geographically exceptional distribution agreements challenging identified companies in the arriving weeks. Full sales insurance coverage of america should be set up within the first one fourth of twelve months 2011. Continue reading

Over-the-counter Primatene Mist inhalers wont have the ability to obtain them from 2012.

We at NaturalNews usually do not endorse either kind of inhaler necessarily, since the chemicals included can cause respiratory disease and other health issues in those that utilize them ( The easy simple fact is a common medicine has been banned, not since it is bad for human health, but since it is harmful to the surroundings supposedly. The minute quantity of CFCs emitted by epinephrine inhalers is normally nothing when compared to massive amount of various other pollutants permitted to openly plague the surroundings – – toxic waste materials from pharmaceutical plant life, fluoride chemical substances dumped in drinking water, and the an incredible number of tons of aerosol chemical substances sprayed in skies by aircraft to allegedly ‘prevent global warming’ are simply a few examples. Continue reading

Current advancements dapoxetine buy online.

Arrow officially approved by France Ministry of Wellness for hosting of health data The Asplenium business of Arrow Consumer electronics Inc. Has been officially authorized by the France Ministry of Wellness to the highest level of qualification for the hosting of health data. Current advancements, both with regards to amenities and the extra ArrowSphere provides, reinforces this unique placement and backs up our selection of partnership dapoxetine buy online . By combining its cloud experience via its ArrowSphere giving and the new wellness amenity of its hosting-devoted subsidiary, Asplenium, Arrow is certainly positioning itself as the main French protagonist of program hosting in the domain of health data. Continue reading

The case in 2003 devoted to Raj and Shahana Hashmi.

The task can help save desperately ill kids but some fear it could lead to the creation of babies for spare parts. Related StoriesStandard clomiphene treatment better than proposed choice for unexplained fertilityFEC recognizes Rachel S. Weinerman for getting 2015 Scientific System Prize Paper AwardCCRM Network companions with ACRM to supply outstanding patient care in the southeastern U.S.The case in 2003 devoted to Raj and Shahana Hashmi, who wished to conceive a baby with the same tissue type as their 6-year-old son Zain, who suffers from a rare blood disorder. Continue reading