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Caricature is an excellent gift for one’s birthday, anniversary or graduation.
It can be used for original invitation and decoration for wedding party.
Group caricature is great for business anniversary or for graduation album. It can be printed and presented to members of the family or society.
See samples of caricatures. Click on the picture to inlarge.

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How to order caricature:

Send us the photos via email.
We need 3-4 photos on which the faces are seen clearly. Please make sure that the photos are large enough so that the artist can see enough details. If there is any problem with your photos, we will contact you right away.
Describe what details you wish to be added to the portrait, in what surrounding would you like to place the person. In order to this think about his occupation, hobbies, habits, circumstances, etc.
Name the date, you need the work to be finished . Usually it takes 10 days for all stages, but you can discuss placing rush on your order.
We estimate the price and you get a final summary of your order, including your order number. Remember this number or write it down, in case you ever need to contact us about the order! A copy of your order will also be sent to you by e-mail.
Pay by credit card, PayPal or Check. While paying make use ofpage Help.
After receiving the payment confirmation we create the sketch in black and white , and email it to you. In standard case this stage takes up to 5 workdays.
You can request for modifications if necessary after reviewing.
Please, point out all remarks in one e-mail. All posterior changes will be fulfilled for additional fee.
We send you the modified sketch and after your approving, create the caricature and send you the high resolution image in JPG format.
If you prefer to receive the work printed, check all opportunities and prices and order printing and shipping while you place the order. In this case the artwork will be shipped in a well protected package with the reliable shipping company. Shipping will take from 7 till 14 days, depending on the destination. Rush delivery available.
Be so kind to let us know if you are happy with the work. Please, send us your feedback .

You are welcome to examine our price list for all kinds of portraits, printing and shipping.