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These data were presented this week at the 14th European Cancers Meeting in Barcelona.

Anti-Tumor Activity of Single-Agent Sunitinib Malate in Advanced Gastric Cancer Preliminary results from a fresh Phase II study provide data on the anti-tumor activity and tolerability of sunitinib malate in patients with advanced gastric cancer. Additionally, data from stage I studies provide info on the tolerability and protection of sunitinib malate in conjunction with current standard of care chemotherapies in the treating hormone-refractory prostate cancer and advanced breasts cancer .

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Called the anti-Mullerian hormone test, this blood check measures degrees of an ovarian hormone that reflects how big is the ovarian reserve, or staying egg supply. Presently, doctors use it to quantify a woman’s ovarian reserve before in vitro fertilization remedies. Now researchers from Scotland have discovered that measurement of AMH shows how likely it will be for a woman to still have eggs in her ovaries after chemotherapy, that may often damage a woman’s eggs and trigger infertility. Long term reproductive function is definitely a concern for many young women with cancer, said lead investigator Richard Anderson, MD, PhD, professor of clinical reproductive research at the University of Edinburgh.