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In the 3rd World.

Antibacterial book created from nanoparticles of silver and copper cleans water in Third World They say you shouldn’t judge a publication by its cover. However, in the 3rd World, where clean normal water is tricky to find often, the only method to guage a revolutionary new ‘drinkable book’ is by the effectiveness of its cover and pages. A nanoparticle-infused novel of sorts is the latest strategy getting undertaken by do-gooders throughout Africa who aim to create a safe, simple method for the much less fortunate to purify drinking water with no need for chemicals. It’s an easy process. The webpages of the drinkable book are coated with nanoparticles of silver and copper specially, both of which are known antibacterials.He also promised the CDC would ‘double down’ on training and assistance through the entire country’s health care program. Yesterday, Frieden said within an interview on CBS’ ‘Encounter the Nation’ that ‘clearly there is a breach in process’ that led to the nurse in Dallas becoming contaminated. At Monday’s press conference, Frieden clarified the remark, saying it had been not an indictment of the hospital where Pham worked well, Texas Health Presbyterian Hospital in Dallas, but rather of the overall way the disease is being handled. As the investigation into how Pham got the disease is still underway, CDC representatives are actually on the scene ‘watching as workers placed on and take off defensive garb,’ and ‘looking at what someone does coming out of the isolation device,’ Frieden said.