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The trial was performed by Philippe Lauweryns.

Cerapedics announces i-Element biologic bone graft research results in PLIF spine surgery Cerapedics, Inc. The trial was performed by Philippe Lauweryns, MD, PhD from the Section of Orthopaedic Medical procedures, Regionaal Ziekenhuis Sint Trudo Hospital in Sint Truiden, Belgium. The objective of the study was to evaluate the protection and efficacy of Cerapedics’ novel i-FACTOR biologic bone graft in comparison to autologous bone delivered via interbody fusion cages in single – and multi-level PLIF surgery.Furthermore to consuming their regular Western diet, less than five alcoholic beverages weekly and no a lot more than three caffeinated beverages each day, the women provides blood vessels and urine samples for evaluation. Their body weights will end up being measured and self-reported diet information monitored. Women interested in getting involved in the study should get in touch with Leah Williamson on 9925 3967 or Mass media interviews: Leah Williamson 9925 3967 or 0422 505 124.

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