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But government specialists say dont look for it to last

The Associated Press: Gov’t Report: Health Cost Relief Only Temporary The country’s been enjoying a respite from rising health care costs, but government specialists say don’t look for it to last. Healthcare spending will grow quicker than the economy for the near future, says a report Tuesday from Medicare’s non-partisan economic analysts. By 2021, health care spending will be developing approximately 2 %age points quicker than the overall economy, a comparable price as the last 30 years .8 percent recorded in 2009 2009. That’s partly because of the effects of the recession and sluggish financial recovery tamping down income, although health experts believe other factors may be at play, too.

Not-for-profit services have fewer open up and closed promises than for-profit facilities. Qualified nursing services have the highest average severity within the not-for-income business segment, accompanied by continuing care retirement communities. Assisted living facilities have the highest average severity within the for-profit business segment, followed by skilled nursing services. The most frequent allegation is usually resident fall, which comprises approximately 44 % not-for-profit and 38 % for-profit closed and open claims. Injuries with high intensity consist of amputation, sexual assault. Death, head injury, lack of organ and pressure ulcer.?.. CNA HealthPro presents aging services claims studies CNA HealthPro, a head in the doctor liability sector, presents the sixth in some aging services claims studies, Reducing Risk in a Changing Sector: CNA HealthPro Aging Solutions Claims Analysis 2004-2008.