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Apparently the word healthy is relative.

Burger King’s New ‘Healthy’ Meal for Kids Is Mostly Hype The media is usually applauding a recently available announcement by Burger King introducing new healthy menu items designed to appeal to kids. Apparently the word ‘healthy’ is relative. Although it might be a baby step in the right direction, one is left considering, Gee, Burger King, is this really the best that can be done? The brand new menu items are component of a pledge to consider more action to advertise children’s nutrition how long does it take to work . To make the pledge to the Council of Better Business Bureaus, Burger King joins 11 other meals and beverage businesses claiming to be committed to advertising that promotes healthful dietary options and lifestyles to children 12 and under.

Burnham awarded $7.39 million for study on Neuron-Glia communication in development A team of experts at the Burnham Institute for Medical Research has been awarded $7.39 million from the National Institute of Child Health and Human Development of the National Institutes of Health. They outnumber neurons in the brain and spinal cord by one factor of 10:1 and offer physical and nutritional support for neurons. They are also believed to guide the migration of neurons during development also to regulate the chemical environment encircling synapses in the adult mind. And yet, little is known about the molecular mechanisms where glial cells communicate with neurons and the way the failure of such conversation leads to neurological illnesses.