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Coconut oil can end dementia and Alzheimers disease You may prevent dementia.

Bruce Fife, C.N., N.D., is an author, speaker, accredited nutritionist, and naturopathic doctor. He has written over 20 books including, ‘The Coconut Oil Miracle’, ‘Eat Extra fat, Look Thin’, and ‘THE BRAND NEW Arthritis Cure’. He is the publisher and editor of the Healthful Ways Newsletter and acts as the president of the Coconut Analysis Center, a nonprofit organization whose purpose is definitely to educate the general public and medical community about medical and nutritional areas of coconut and related foods. Dr. Fife is known as one of the world’s leading professionals on dietary fats and oils. He’s a favorite speaker and travels throughout the world lecturing at health fairs, conferences, hospitals, and spas.Make sure your doctor is certified, with plenty of experience and abilities to comprehend what is greatest for you personally and he will be able to refer you to an area hospital or clinic. While these are things that you should consider prior to going for a surgery, you also should do some pre-operative preparations prior to going for surgical procedure. * Maintain record of your complete medical history, along with reports of most laboratory lab tests and mammograms. * Give up smoking at least eight weeks to your medical procedures date prior. * Start producing adjustment to your present medication routine to enable you to accommodate new regimen.