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Hello, My name is Gali Pushkin and I am a Graphic Designer and Artist from Israel. I am happy to welcome you to my site.
Here you will find a variety of products enhanced with my original graphics. Some of them are funny and humorous cartoon images, others are decorative and nostalgic.

Available products include: T-shirts and other clothing for children and adults; mugs and steins; mouse pads; bibs; tot bags; wall clocks; tile boxes; stationery and much more!

You are invited to create unique and personalized greeting cards & invitations or maybe you would like to create a unique gift for birthdays, graduation, anniversaries, a new baby or a wedding shower. Just choose an image from my large on-line clip art collection.
I will gladly personalize them for you with a name for free!

You can also customize any piece of clip art or order a custom cartoon drawn to your needs.
A wonderful, unique gift for your Mom or best friend is a digital portrait, photo-montage or caricature. Well, now you can simply purchase one as a .jpeg/.gif file, as an art print, or printed on to a product from my selection.
Simply discuss your request by email prior to ordering.
I’m sure you will find a unique gift to your taste for all occasions and for everyone you love.

! The gifts featured below are just a sample from the large variety of products that you can find at my on-line store. Just click on an image and you will be taken to the relevant page.
Pillow Christmas Mess
 Mousepad Baby New Year 2007
Christmas beautiful box
New Year 2007 t-shirt - year of the fire pig according to Chinese calendar
Christmas t-shirt for children. Santa Claus riding toy Rudolph
Funny Christmas sweatshirt for child
You will find here perfect gifts for Christmas and New Year 2007- year of the Pig according to the Chinese Zodiac calendar. Check out all Christmas ideas and don’t forget to personalize your gift with a name – for free! If you have your own idea in your head – I can also draw a special customized image for you and input it onto any product.
Cap for best friend - One of a kind
Christmas gift for unique mom
Unusual gift for unique dad
Personalized picture mugs and steins - gifts for grandprents
Black t-shirt - piggy Christmas gift for co-workers, team, colegues
Unique romantic christmas gift
You will also find unique and funny Christmas gifts for everyone special to you – your best friend, Mom, Dad, grandmother and grandfather, for your co-workers, girl- or boyfriend, for children and even for a new born baby. Congratulate your Mothers, Fathers and Grandparents with a nice original present. I have t-shirts, mugs, wall clocks and other products, which would make a cool gift for your girlfriend or boyfriend, colleague, or even for your favorite teacher or boss. And don’t forget to personalize them with a name for free! Just choose a product and contact me
Best friend birthday gift ideas
Humorous funny t-shirts, with I love Disco cartoon image, girlfriend gifts
Humorous funny t-shirts, girlfriend gifts
Unique humorous gifts for unusual persons
Best friend birthday gift ideas. Gifts for pets lovers
You will find plenty of humorous funny t-shirts and other original gifts for all kinds of people. For music fans and funky dancers. For pet lovers. For those who love, or hate sports. For techies and geeks, and for all kinds of others. If you would like to give a present to someone not mentioned here, just let me know and I’ll design a special product just for you.
Unique gifts from Holyland. Batik
Unique handmade jewish gifts. Batik
Artwork greeting cards
Unique personalized childrens and adults gifts
Perfect gifts for mothers day
In this section you can browse the original art prints. If you are interested in purchasing handmade paintings on silk (batik), you are welcome select from my on-line gallery and and then email me for further details. You will also find beautiful gifts, directly from Israel, on Jewish and Christian themes.
Why not surprise your friends and relatives with unique personalized gifts?

Browse the sample works here, then feel free to contact me to discuss your order.
funny greeting cards, invitations and favors for wedding, graduation and Bar Mitzvah parties
You may also email me to order funny custom greeting cards, invitations and favors for wedding, graduation and Bar Mitzvah parties.

There are several reasons for hair thinning.

Avoid consuming extreme salt and sweets also. You should completely remove both these from your diet. Consuming extreme salt or glucose can add to lack of locks and make it tougher to improve your hair back. A complete large amount of veggies have their particular salt, so scale back on the salt aswell as you should come to like them a lot more. If you are applying monixidil to your locks to get it to increase, ensure you do that quite early in the first morning if you’re likely to function. It requires a good three hrs because of this item to totally dry, and also it might make your locks look extremely tacky and in addition unappealing. Continue reading

These data were presented this week at the 14th European Cancers Meeting in Barcelona.

Anti-Tumor Activity of Single-Agent Sunitinib Malate in Advanced Gastric Cancer Preliminary results from a fresh Phase II study provide data on the anti-tumor activity and tolerability of sunitinib malate in patients with advanced gastric cancer. Additionally, data from stage I studies provide info on the tolerability and protection of sunitinib malate in conjunction with current standard of care chemotherapies in the treating hormone-refractory prostate cancer and advanced breasts cancer . Continue reading

Near Mansfield.

British surgeons remove part of a woman’s brain to remedy her epilepsy A girl in the united kingdom whose life had been blighted by epilepsy has had component of her brain removed to remedy the problem. Helen Hollis, 41, from Teversal, near Mansfield, Nottingham, a former nurse and the mother of two, acquired her first seizure aged 19, but had to hold back years before her condition was diagnosed. Mrs Hollis underwent the six-hour operation, on the 9th of May at the National Hospital for Neurology and Neurosurgery in London. She actually is hoping to return to the health provider after completing a counselling training course. Continue reading

Angiotensin system inhibitor make use of improves metastatic RCC survival outcomes By Shreeya Nanda.

This was longer compared to the median OS of 18 significantly.838. And in addition longer than the 16.72 months observed in the 2466 individuals not treated with any antihypertensive agents, with an adjusted HR of 0.810. Related StoriesViralytics enters into scientific trial collaboration agreement with MSDOvarian cancer sufferers with a history of oral contraceptive use possess better outcomesMD Anderson study reveals why chemotherapy medications not effective for most pancreatic tumor patientsMedian progression-free of charge survival was also considerably improved in ASI users weighed against those treated with additional antihypertensive drugs, at 8.34 versus 6.70 months. Continue reading

Xencor partner to build up and commercialize new therapeutics for cancer immunotherapy customers-reviews.html.

Amgen, Xencor partner to build up and commercialize new therapeutics for cancer immunotherapy, inflammation Amgen and Xencor, Inc customers-reviews.html . announced today that both companies have entered right into a analysis and license contract to develop and commercialize novel therapeutics in the areas of tumor immunotherapy and swelling. The collaboration contains molecular engineering by Xencor and the preclinical advancement of bispecific molecules for five applications proposed by Amgen, leveraging XmAb bispecific Fc domains to make half-life extended T cell engagers and dual targeting bispecific antibodies. Continue reading

A fresh drug focus on for multiple epithelial tumors discovered by Compugen Compugen Ltd.

Comfort – Since many children have anxiety about going to the dental professional or doctor, it's important that your child goes to an expert trained to provide care and comfort and ease along with professional dental care. A general adult dentist in Woodland Hills might be more cold and clinical and can have trouble connecting to children on an individual level. In addition to having children of her very own, Dr. Becker frequently travels to her home country of Peru to supply pro bono dental work for children in need of care. Continue reading

In the 3rd World.

Antibacterial book created from nanoparticles of silver and copper cleans water in Third World They say you shouldn’t judge a publication by its cover. However, in the 3rd World, where clean normal water is tricky to find often, the only method to guage a revolutionary new ‘drinkable book’ is by the effectiveness of its cover and pages. A nanoparticle-infused novel of sorts is the latest strategy getting undertaken by do-gooders throughout Africa who aim to create a safe, simple method for the much less fortunate to purify drinking water with no need for chemicals. It’s an easy process. The webpages of the drinkable book are coated with nanoparticles of silver and copper specially, both of which are known antibacterials. Continue reading

Caution that fake Amazon.

Ellory confessed. ‘I wholeheartedly regret the lapse of judgment that allowed personal opinions to become disseminated in this way and I’d like to apologize to my readers and the writing community,’ he said. ‘This is simply not a personal strike,’ Dun said, ‘but Personally i think very strongly that fellow authors shouldn’t write testimonials about their own ‘wonderful genius’ and slate the task of other hard-working writers without obviously declaring who they are. Ellory isn’t the first writer to admit faking online reviews, a practice referred to as ‘sock puppeting.’ Thriller writer Stephen Leather admitted to publicizing his function using on the web identities, and award-winning historian Orlando Figes confessed to secretly praising his very own focus on Amazon while attacking that of rival academics. Continue reading

Botox is an operation which should enter the discussion certainly.

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According to a study from Massachusetts General Hospital researchers.

Department of Defense, the Montesi Family Research AstraZeneca and Fund Pharmaceuticals, which manufacturers cediranib beneath the brand name RECENTIN. Massachusetts General Medical center, established in 1811, is the primary and largest teaching hospital of Harvard Medical School. The MGH conducts the biggest hospital-based research program in the United States, with an annual research budget greater than $500 million and major research centers in Helps, cardiovascular research, cancer, integrative and computational biology, cutaneous biology, human genetics, medical imaging, neurodegenerative disorders, regenerative medication, systems biology, transplantation biology and photomedicine.. Continue reading

AIDS and stroke along with traffic accidents cialis wiki.

Cancer responsible for 40 percent of most premature deaths Cancer is responsible for killing 40 percent of all the women and men who die prematurely between your age range of 25 and 74 in the united kingdom – according to a fresh analysis of the numbers released today by Cancer Research UK. This implies cancer causes more deaths than any additional disease including coronary heart disease untimely, aIDS and stroke along with traffic accidents, murder and suicide cialis wiki . But there is good news too. Regardless of the rise in the number of people developing malignancy, death rates from the disease have fallen during the last forty years dramatically. Continue reading

In San Francisco.

As much as 61 percent of respondents said that there was an info gap on how to manage the economic stress due to CML and its remedies, and according to patients, the info should be supplied by a healthcare professional or an individual organization . While financial stress and side effects affect their standard of living, another main concern for CML patients is intolerance to treatments and/or the power of the condition to be resistant to first-collection therapy. ‘According to the latest clinical studies, after five years about 1 / 3 of patients do not achieve an optimal response to the current first-line therapy because of level of resistance or intolerance,’ clarifies Dr. Pierre Laneuville, Associate Professor in the Department of Oncology and Medication at McGill University. Continue reading

First found out by another united group in flies.

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Research presented in the European Breast Cancers Meeting in Barcelona suggests.

Beta-blockers can reduce malignancy spread in sufferers with breast tumours Beta-blockers could ‘improve breasts cancer survival’ The chance of tumor spreading in sufferers with breast tumours could be lowered by using beta-blockers, research presented in the European Breast Cancers Meeting in Barcelona suggests. Both a decrease in cancer pass on and improved survival price were observed in several individuals treated with beta-blockers by a group led by Dr Des Powe, a senior health care analysis scientist at Nottingham University Medical center NHS Trust’s Queen’s Medical Centre. Dr Powe, who was simply employed in conjunction with an organization headed by Professor Frank Entschladen at Witten University in Germany, attempt to confirm, in scientific research, laboratory results which show beta-blockers function against specific types of cancers dysfunction . Continue reading

You owe her an apology.

The findings, says Frank, reveal that the mind during sleep is fundamentally different from the mind during wakefulness. ‘We discover that the biochemical changes are simply not occurring in the neurons of animals that are awake,’ Frank says. ‘So when the animal would go to sleep it’s like you’ve thrown a switch, and all of a sudden, everything is fired up that’s necessary for making synaptic changes that form the basis of memory formation. Continue reading